Who We Are

Welcome to our studio.

Over 25 years of extensive project experience across many sectors of brand assessment, concept and design strategy and product development in the fashion/apparel industry has allowed me to guide hundreds of clients’ thoughts and ideas into a brand identity.

Our focus is consultation to start-ups and existing businesses and organisations looking for complete business solutions.

Our studio provides a wealth of experience and intellectual property in concept design, branding, line planning, sourcing, market positioning, website content, corporate collateral, technical design, consulting, computer aided design, apparel/production preparation, photography and management supervision.

We are a facility capable of taking projects from concept to completion with accurate results in record time, whether you are launching a new brand or repositioning an existing one.

Our Agenda

Our Mission is to Provide:

Transparent and lasting client relationships by providing exceptional partnership value in an environment of trust, honesty and respect between all stakeholders.

Our Vision is to be the:

Benchmark provider of partnership, product and service opportunities for private sector, government and non-government entities together with the education industry and its associated bodies; to be recognised for the integrity of our people, the ethics of our business practices and the quality of our services and contributions to all communities.

Our Core Values are:


Key Strengths (USP) & Opportunities

Our Service Streams

Overall, we believe that our unique service stream and selling proposition set us apart in the education industry, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional support and resources to our clients. Furthermore, our services are not just transactional – they are built on a foundation of trust, empathy, and caring.

Our unique selling proposition is rooted in our comprehensive knowledge of the education industry and our ability to leverage our relationships to provide tailored solutions for our clients. We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by schools in finding
reliable service providers, and we work to bridge the gap between the two. By providing specialised support, guidance, and resources, we help to eliminate the issues that both parties face.

Our main service streams that we offer include:


To provide ALL marketing, consulting and commercial trade and product supply services to schools, education associations, related bodies and departments.


To provide services and benefits via collaborative external partnerships to the educators fraternity – both past and present.


To evaluate and provide opportunities for purchase of
products, equipment and/or school uniforms.

Industry Partners

Delivering our core functions and expertise to the wider education community together.

Ultimately, our commitment to building strong partnerships with our key partners is based on our belief that collaboration is essential to achieving success in today’s dynamic business environment.

By working together, we can optimise our resources, streamline our processes, and deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients on both sides.

Our key partners can also help us to stay competitive in the market and to be agile in responding to changes in customer demand, industry trends, and regulatory requirements. By maintaining strong relationships with our key partners, we can leverage their knowledge and experience to improve our own business practices and to create a stronger value proposition for our clients.

Collaborating with the correct partner is paramount to our success.

These partners can include suppliers, contractors, distributors, and other companies who can provide essential support and services to our business operations and in turn to the schools and association bodies that we work with.

By working closely with our key partners, we can ensure that we have access to the resources, expertise, and products that we need, to deliver quality services and products to our clients and in turn, to their communities.

There are several benefits to providing goods and services to an education body or school, including:

Current Service Agreements

We are commited to providing high-quality services to all our clients and constantly strive to expand our partnerships with schools and other educational organisations across Victoria.
Some of the schools and associations with current service agreements in place include:

The VPA was originally formed in 1971 to represent the professional interests of Principals in Victorian Primary Schools.

Today the organisation has grown, representing over 1000+ Educational Leaders – Principal Class positions within the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and/or Department of Education and Training.

The VPA represents government/public schools and is one of our most prominent partners.

Catholic Secondary Principals Australia (CaSPA) is the National peak body for Australian Catholic Secondary School Principals. 

CaSPA is a Federation of the Principals’ Associations which represent Catholic Secondary School Principals in all 8 Australian States and Territories.

CaSPA has developed strong connections with national authorities such as the Commonwealth Department of Education, AITSL, ACARA and NCEC in order to keep the practitioner voice of Principals in policy decisions at this level.

The Principals’ Association of Specialist Schools (PASS) is a professional Association and the peak voice of leaders in Victorian special education.

They represent all educational leaders of the Department of Education and Training (DET) schools for students with disabilities and are a recognised association by the DET and are supported
by and contribute to DET initiatives.

The association currently has 185 individual School members and represents all DET specialist schools across Victoria.

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